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On @TheTicketMiami today at 2:15. On @SportsBang tomorrow at 11 a.m. On @NBATV tonight from arena. On a couple of Advil.
Friday November 15, 2013 12:22 EthanJSkolnick
Check out the @hothothoops writeup on the @FOXSports Phantom Cam making its @SunSportsFOXFL #HEATLive debut tonight:…
Friday November 15, 2013 12:32 SunSportsHEAT
Cast your vote #MIAMI #HEAT fans! YOU decide who we will feature as tonight's @SunSportsFOXFL Spotlight:
Friday November 15, 2013 12:34 SunSportsHEAT
Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets Still Searching to Build Identity:
Friday November 15, 2013 12:39 HowardBeck
I gotta tell you, James Coley's "I pledge allegiance to the swag" is growing on me.
Friday November 15, 2013 12:42 ByTimReynolds
The @SunSportsHEAT #FacebookFriday Caption Contest is back! Head over 2 our Facebook page & show us how clever u are!
Friday November 15, 2013 1:08 MiamiHEAT
Both Ray Allen (sick) and Udonis Haslem (back spasms) participated in this morning's team shootaround. Both are game-time decisions.
Friday November 15, 2013 1:10 MiamiHEAT
Meanwhile, I will say that the atmosphere at FIU last night was pretty cool.
Friday November 15, 2013 1:12 ByTimReynolds
Barnes to me: "I don't like Serge Ibaka, so I wouldn't apologize to him. ... But I own up to what I tweeted." More:
Friday November 15, 2013 1:15 JaredZwerling
I hope the guy that stole my bag here is 7 ft so he can at least rock my sweet clothes....
Friday November 15, 2013 1:24 swish41
Quick update. My bag just got delivered to my room almost 24 hrs after we got in. So now I can wear my lederhosen tonight....
Friday November 15, 2013 1:24 swish41
Dirk Nowitzki has been a starter in 19 previous games at Miami. He's scored at least 20 points in 18 of those games. Heat-Mavs, 7:30 p.m.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:06 ByTimReynolds
New Orleans here she comes.......Carnival Sunshine via @YouTube
Friday November 15, 2013 3:08 MickyArison
Counting down the hours until tipoff? So are we! Check out tonight's preview for the HEAT's matchup vs. @dallasmavs
Friday November 15, 2013 3:27 MiamiHEAT
Wade, Chalmers, Allen on 2014 NBA All-Star ballot in backcourt. Bosh, LeBron listed in frontcourt. Only 5 from Heat. Balloting opens today.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:39 IraHeatBeat
NBA All-Star voting this season includes Facebook,Twitter and Instagram options.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:40 IraHeatBeat
Dolphins center Mike Pouncey missed practice today because of an illness.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:42 OmarKelly
All-Star ballot novelties: Tobias Harris, Spencer Hawes, Ersan Ilyasova, Thaddeus Young.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:44 IraHeatBeat
All-Star ballot novelties from East: Tobias Harris, Spencer Hawes, Ersan Ilyasova, Thaddeus Young.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:44 IraHeatBeat
All-Star ballot novelties from West: Enes Kanter, Markieff Morris, Derrick Williams, Isaiah Thomas.
Friday November 15, 2013 3:46 IraHeatBeat
The only person who can save the Dolphins: #SFBatKid
Friday November 15, 2013 3:52 ByTimReynolds
Who wants a pair of tix to tonight's game vs the Mavs? Contest coming soon, so get ready! It will be something 2006 Championship related!
Friday November 15, 2013 3:55 MiamiHEAT
Fill in the blank - "I was ____ when the HEAT beat the Mavs in Game 6 of the 2006 NBA Finals!" Best answer wins a pair of tix for tonight!
Friday November 15, 2013 4:02 MiamiHEAT
It is #FacebookFriday on @SunSportsHEAT so get ready for 5 @ 5, caption contest, spotlight selection & twitter poll on #HEATLive @ 7p ET
Friday November 15, 2013 4:26 TheJaxShow
Friday November 15, 2013 4:29 TheJaxShow
Photos of Canes arrival at Duke show Kevin Olsen is still third QB. Have no idea why this is a topic each week.
Friday November 15, 2013 4:38 ByTimReynolds
Thank u all 4 sharing your 2006 Championship experiences, we've randomly selected our lucky ticket winner! Check your DMs to see if it's u!
Friday November 15, 2013 4:43 MiamiHEAT
It's 5 o'clock! You asked, @TheJaxShow answered! Watch the #FiveAt5 for Jason's answers to your HEAT questions.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:00 MiamiHEAT
AP Story: Pain-free and happy, USA Luge's Julia Clukey (@juliaclukey) ready for Olympic season.…
Friday November 15, 2013 5:07 ByTimReynolds
If you're going to see the Heat tonight allow for some extra travel time. Roads are wet, traffic built accordingly.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:11 ByTimReynolds
Haslem will not play. Ray Allen won't play either.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:51 ByTimReynolds
Erik Spoelstra says Udonis Haslem again out tonight, Ray Allen also out.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:51 IraHeatBeat
Erik Spoelstra says Haslem and Allen will not play. That means more Beasley.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:51 EthanJSkolnick
Ray Allen probably won't travel. No decision on Haslem yet on that front.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:51 ByTimReynolds
Spoelstra says Allen won't travel for game in Charlotte tomorrow. Haslem is unlikely to travel either.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:52 EthanJSkolnick
Allen likely will not travel to Charlotte. Spoelstra not sure Haslem will travel.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:52 IraHeatBeat
Both Ray Allen (flu) and Udonis Haslem (back spasms) will miss tonight's #HEATgame.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:52 MiamiHEAT
Udonis Haslem (back spasms) and Ray Allen (flu) out tonight. Allen likely will not travel to Charlotte.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:53 JoeGoodmanJr
Spoelstra on Oden: "He's making progress. We're going to stick with the plan. We're not going to suit him up... but he knows."
Friday November 15, 2013 5:53 EthanJSkolnick
Spo on Oden: "We're going to stick with the plan." In short, they're still progressing at the pace they decided on weeks ago.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:54 ByTimReynolds
Greg Oden is inactive but will travel to Charlotte. Did not travel on last one-game trip.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:54 JoeGoodmanJr
Greg Oden will travel to Charlotte but again not play.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:54 IraHeatBeat
Spoelstra did not rule out Wade playing tomorrow, on second night of back to back.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:56 EthanJSkolnick
Spoelstra says Ray Allen is improving but still too weak to play.
Friday November 15, 2013 5:56 JoeGoodmanJr
.@NBAAllStar Balloting is open! Tweet #NBABALLOT w/ HEAT player's first & last name. Vote Now, Vote Often! Vote HEAT!
Friday November 15, 2013 5:59 MiamiHEAT
.@NBAAllStar Balloting is open! Tweet #NBABALLOT w/ HEAT player's first & last name. Vote Now, Vote Often! Vote HEAT!
Friday November 15, 2013 6:01 MiamiHEAT
Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle says "we are closer than we've ever been" to having Shane Larkin available. Aggressive workout this morning.
Friday November 15, 2013 6:07 EthanJSkolnick
Mavs coach Rick Carlisle says Shane Larkin (ankle) isn't "quite there yet."
Friday November 15, 2013 6:08 ByTimReynolds
.@MiamiHEAT #Heat Udonis Haslem (back spasms) and Ray Allen (flu) out 2nite vs. Dallas. Allen likely won't travel to Charlotte.
Friday November 15, 2013 6:08 mccarthy_chas
.@MiamiHEAT #Heat Wade will see how he feels tomorrow b4 deciding on whether to play in Charlotte.
Friday November 15, 2013 6:26 mccarthy_chas
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